A Hundred Years of Seclusive Exclusivity

North Shore House offers the perfect combination of rustic appeal and modern amenities that have quickly made us a highly sought-after venue. We offer couples and their loved ones the opportunity to wed, celebrate, and stay with us for an entire unforgettable weekend, all while enjoying delicious food and luxe accommodations. With plenty of activities to keep you and your guests entertained, as well as 27 acres of pristine lakefront property to explore, you’ll spend every moment making incredible memories.


In addition to rustic lakeside weddings, we also host special events of all sizes, from wedding and baby showers to anniversary celebrations and more. During the week, we invite guests to stay with us and enjoy our beautifully appointed boutique accommodations. Our tavern features locally grown, freshly prepared fare with gorgeous views of the sun setting over Swartswood Lake.

The Resort Era

John and Andrew Rivara bought the property upon which North Shore House resides in 1930 and subsequently built a hotel, which they opened in 1938. Back then, the property stretched for 96 acres along the north shore of Swartswood Lake, so the name, North Shore House, was a natural choice for the beautiful new lakeside resort.

The structure was built using some of the most innovative technologies and building practices of its time, from a poured concrete foundation and steel I-beam construction. Featuring a bar, dining room, ballroom, and porch, the 35-room hotel even had two bathrooms on each of the building’s two floors. With dark cypress-paneled walls and wide-planked oak floors, the house had a cozy, rustic appeal that resonated with the resort’s many guests.

For the next 15 years, couples and families flocked to the lakeside hotel, especially during the summer months, eager to enjoy shuffleboard, horseshoes, swimming, sailing, and plenty of fresh air. Hotel rooms were available from Friday to Sunday at a rate of $3.50 per night. A restaurant and tap room that were also opened on the property sold a selection of tavern-style fare. For $1.25, you could purchase an entire steak or chicken dinner, or, if you were looking for something a bit lighter, you could try a roast beef sandwich for $0.45, washing it down with a $0.25 beer.

Choosing North Shore House for Your Dream Wedding or Special Event

We know where you choose to celebrate your big day is perhaps the most important choice you’ll make once you’ve become engaged! At North Shore House, we work tirelessly to ensure each and every moment of your wedding weekend is absolutely perfect. Please contact us to request pricing information and menu options for our all-inclusive wedding packages. Learn more about our Management Team.

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